About Me

My name is Niki! Thanks for visiting my blog! I love to create and share my designs with the world.

I live in Pécs, Hungary with my husband. I have Bachelor of Elecrical Engineering and a Masters of Finance. I’ve always been a creative person and love making things, but  thought I can only make a living in the „corporate world”. In 2020 pendamia hit. I’ve always wanted to buy a Cricut cutting machine but could’t afford it. In that yeat i used my savings to get one and decided to pursue my dreams. I started with stickers and digital drawings, and I loved that i can create anything i want. So when Christmas came I wanted to make something personal for my family, friends and collegues. I started designing and making Candy holders. After that my husband encourqaged me to countinue creating and so my Etsy shop was born. You can find cutting files for cutting machines, printables, designs and more!

Here I’d like to share tutorials for my designs, in hope I can inspire Your crafty side too!

Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll find somehting you like!